Work with Catarina

The purpose of the sessions is to deepen your awareness, unwind your body and clear the obstacles for your uniqueness to blossom. It all starts by breathing. From here on, Catarina's therapeutical skills and sensibility supports you to go deeper into the core of your being.

The session is tailored to meet your individual needs with a specific focus on the role of the body in creating and sustaining authenticity and self-love. Every process is unique and there is no ready recipe. It is an intuitive work beyond mind. It is about surrendering to the depth of the subconscious and trusting that all answers lie within. Bring an intention and the willingness to meet yourself. The more you give, the more you get.

The session takes approximately 90 minutes and is suitable to people of all ages and conditions. Sessions are available in person at Olo centre or Skype and can be given in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Read more about the ethics at Catarina's website.

“I had one session with Catarina last year, while I was traveling through Berlin, and it had a profound effect on me. When thinking about my session the words that come to mind are trust, reconnection, and awareness. Catarina’s work was profoundly healing. She helped me to reconnect to my body, my femininity and to trust in the processes of my own body to guide me and open up my heart. She is an exceptional healer, a kind presence, and a wise woman. Thank you, Catarina.”
— Romy
I have rarely felt as deeply relaxed as I feel after a session with Catarina. My awareness of my body has improved — in contrast to many other methods, I feel that something fundamental and lasting has changed.
— Christiane
Catarina is pure light. She taught me how my body is the key entrance into my soul and she certainly touched mine. She taught me to feel, to see and to listen in silence. I felt the most beautiful, hard, yet unforgettable moments with her. Knowing her marked a profound transition in my life, changing in just six months what in years of therapy I failed to realize. Thank you, Catarina, for your hands, words and affection.
— Ana
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“It is not easy to describe what kind of experience a session with Catarina can be. Every session is different and brings something new; the common feature is that every time she manages to establish a deep connection with me, and it is from this connection that the session develops. She places her awareness at my service, without ever forcing me into anything that I am not willing or ready to confront, and lets me use it as a guide to explore, understand or even heal myself — I had the impression that I was always drawing the boundaries.

After a session with Catarina, I feel I have been helped by her, and at the same time I feel I have gained some sort of knowledge that is now at my disposal. Her wise and cheerful guidance has made me more joyful and peaceful and at the same time more determined.

Thank you Catarina, with all of my heart.”
— Matteo
Catarina I wanted to tell you that I continue to notice changes in my mind and personality since I did therapy with you. I continue to remember things from my childhood and analyse them more consciously. I’m also seeing clearer and clearer the things that bother me and looking for ways to communicate more productively with others. My life is beginning to flow and I’m starting to live more fully. Letting go of some old fears… For all of these, I want to thank you very much for the help you gave me.
— Sofia