Catarina Brazão and Markus Pesonen founded For the Sake of Being(s) in 2015. Together they created the Somatic Sound Journeys as a practice of somatic awareness through embodied listening and the Acoustic Body® approach that brings together somatic education, eco-psychology and the power of sound to help people reconnect with their nature within and around.

Both of them and the rest of the team share a passion for authentic living and enthusiasm for the natural world and that is the true foundation of their work. Today they combine their wisdom and skills, learn from each other's expertise and share their experience and excitement about life. This together with their committed research and approach to art, education and healing synthesise a new social and spiritual movement towards an ever greater wholeness in terms of living up to our potential as human beings in alignment with the natural world.


Catarina Brazão

is a somatic educator, workshop and retreat facilitator and an avid nature lover. She holds a degree in social work in the field of mental health and draws upon years of study and practice in transpersonal psychology, gender studies and somatic work. Catarina’s path is guided by her profound commitment to change and growth, a quality she uses also when working with others. Her work offers a space for true lasting transformation where everyone feels safe, respected and seen. With over ten years of experience working on one-on-one sessions and groups, and inspired by the practice of a variety of somatic and spiritual disciplines, she teaches an exclusive approach tailored to each person or group she works with. Today she offers fully immersive workshops, courses and programmes that support people in discovering their uniqueness and authenticity.

Andre Jacomet.jpg

Andre Jacomet

was an international business consultant for many years. 15 years ago, he found himself discovering trauma healing through Somatic Experiencing® and was assisting Peter Levine's post-advanced seminars for more than 10 years. Furthermore, he was trained as a Polarity Therapist. In being with dogs he was taught about how animals treat trauma and act as therapists to each other. He works on pastures and in stables with horses, cows, goats, sheep and other animals and with humans in his office in Zurich and as a leader of worldwide seminars and as a transformational coach.

Markus Pesonen

is a composer, musician, multimedia artist and creative entrepreneur. He is creating sonic experiences in various contexts, investigating the impact of sound in people and the environment as well as teaching from his discoveries. He composes and creates with several music groups and works together with dance, theatre, performance art and film. Collaboration with health and social care professionals has led Markus to develop Sound Journeys that use his field recordings from nature together with original music to create immersive soundscapes with educational and therapeutical potential. Markus holds a masters degree in music and a composer diploma from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, but his insatiable curiosity has taken him to explore and research far across disciplines.


Chris Schnalzger

explores the narrative possibilities of visual language - photography, videography, montage – after having experienced through an extensive background in literature and linguistics how the language of words is often less than adequate for expression, communication and dialogue. His work, at times sociocritical, at times psychological, questions mental and physical oppression of the individual through society and its conventions. He strives to explore the essence of subjects beyond the surface – a seemingly paradoxical approach to a medium often perceived to only depict the superficial. Chris' work has been published in numerous books, magazines and galleries.


Martina Miraballes

is an artist & designer that believes on the healing effects of the arts, and on its correlation to nature. With her work, she communicates the need to heal nature by exploring ways of creation that coexist with nature and environment-friendly materials. She holds a degree in Product Design and since 2015 has been working with up cycling plastic, using this medium to communicate the environmental crisis of the planet. “Living in an era where the overdose of plastic has transcended into a different level of artistic discipline.” Behind Martina’s physical work, one can find a perfect blend between the sensitivity of art, the functionality of design and the ethics of sustainability. Her work has been exhibited in different parts of the world, such as Atlanta, USA , Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Costa Rica.