Welcome to Olo Centre

a space dedicated to art, education and healinG

Olo Centre is located in Ihamaniemi, Enonkoski, a sparsely populated area with very few neighbours and summer cottages adjacent to the Kolovesi Natural Park. Plentiful lakes, streams, and swamps, along with the forests and meadows carpeting a varied glacially carved landscape, give us our playground and growing-learning opportunities. The diversity and abundance of our animal, plant and elemental relations nourish both soul and body. The surrounds are ideal for hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, foraging wild food and visiting ancient rock paintings.


This traditional Finnish wooden house was originally built 70 years ago and was the main school of the village until the early 2000s. In its most busy years hosted up to 80 students. 

The house is in great condition due to several reasons. But probably the main two are that was built very well and has always been in use. After the school closed, some families lived here, taking good care of it and changing it slightly for a more home feeling.  

For the Sake of Being(s) embraces the history of the house and integrates the mixture of home and school vibe into the redesigning of the whole space, transforming it to what is now the Olo Retreat Centre. The opportunities and limitations we have found here are celebrating diversity, creativity and community. 



A complete hospitality experience. 

We, at the Olo Retreat Centre, believe that a good night’s sleep and good accommodation are things one should not compromise with, as they make up an important part of the experience here in the centre. 


Limited accommodation, 10 rooms in total, is available for those who wish to stay at Olo and benefit from its excellent facilities.

All guest rooms are aesthetically pleasing, comfortably designed and meticulously maintained. The beds and mattresses are made from 100% natural materials and there are two softnesses to choose from. The natural building style of the log house also provides excellent room air quality. Room rates include cleaning and laundry service (we use only organic products), and all taxes.

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Food and Nutrition

We believe that our relationship with food is a central one that reflects our attitudes towards our environment and ourselves. Our mission here is to help people make healthy mindful eating a way of life. We are about moderation, wild, organic and local food. And our number one rule is that the food we offer in our centre has to be accessible, sustainable, inspiring, and above all delicious. 

Our food selection and preparation changes according to the seasons, our learning growth in the field and your specific needs. We deeply know that wholesome and nutritious foods can do wonders in the body and are aware that everyone’s eating needs and experiences are unique. When you book your holiday with us or attend to one of our programmes, you are providing yourself with a tailored menu selected from the best available wild, homegrown and organic ingredients that fits your body and helps you reach your optimum health and wellbeing.

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Our Edible Garden

It is based on the principles of permaculture. Permaculture uses organic gardening and regenerative farming practices but it goes beyond. It integrates the garden and home to create a lifestyle that impacts less on the environment.

We are starting designing and creating our garden in June 2019. If you are interested in knowing more about it, please write us here.


Wild Food Around Us

Finnish nature offers everyone a free lunch and a dessert. Edible plants, berries and mushrooms grow all around us. There are many tasty and nutritious natural foods out there, even in our backyard. We have great wild food foraging experts working here at the Olo Retreat Centre. You will be amazed by the “wild treats” that can be enjoyed from our yard and wild places.

Local Organic Farms 

We use local resources that are organic. Strawberries, peas, potatoes and lamb meat are coming from two different local neighbouring farms. Their quality is excellent.



There is nothing more Finnish than a sauna. Spending time in our traditional wooden sauna is relaxing on its own, but you can enhance the experience even further by incorporating essential oils. Depending on your desired results, we can mix different organic essential oil combinations. 

In summer we can also provide a sauna whisk made of birch twigs, with which you can give your skin a refreshing work-over. And in winter you can just roll in the fresh and powdery snow to get the same result in your skin.

How to arrive?


If you’re coming to a retreat please contact us at olo@forthesakeofbeings.com to arrange the logistics. We arrange pick-up from Savonlinna, Savonlinna airport, Enonkoski centre and Vihtari train station.

Train 4 - 5 times a day (Duration ca. 4.30 h)
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Helsinki-Vantaa airport - Savonlinna airport

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Helsinki-Vantaa airport - Joensuu airport

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