For the Sake of Being(s) is many things. But perhaps, above all else, it is about building relationships with oneself, one another and nature; about seeking and deepening connection.

For the Sake of Being(s) is an answer to the eco-social and spiritual challenges we are facing in today’s world. It is a shared vision for a better world in which the individual wholeness is recognised and appreciated, in which societies live in a state of true abundance and the natural world thrives.  

For the Sake of Being(s) offers workshops and programs to widen perspectives and awaken the best in the human spirit by cultivating embodied learning/growth, exploring the depth of the human experience and fostering reconnection with Earth. We stand for the wholeness of the Self, for abundant Societies and thriving Nature; and in that space, create meaningful events and powerful campaigns to call people's attention to the interconnectedness of all life.


Vision and mission 

In the For the Sake of Being(s) we hold a vision of a world where the diversity of life thrives and humanity has found a way to meet its present needs without compromising the needs of future generations and other life forms.

Consequently, ours is a mission to restore nature and heal culture by fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of our being and our relationship with each other, and the natural environment. For the Sake of Being(s) develops projects, programs and campaigns meant to have a lasting outcome in the social, economic and environmental spheres that far outlive the projects themselves.



For the Sake of Being(s) is founded on three interdependent pillars


Exploring the depths of the human potential and expressing new and unique ways of looking at life


Recognising the challenge and the conditioning of life as a source for growth, both individually as well as in the greater Earth community.


Learning and teaching from within beyond technique or curriculum, to embrace the innate wholeness of the individual.



Embodied integrity

The courage to see what one sees, speak and live from one’s own truth



The awareness and respect of the ‘more-than- human’ world and its diversity as a source of wisdom and inspiration.

Responsible relating

The total acceptance of one’s whole Self and its honest expression when being with others.