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Supporting uniqueness and authenticity through a journey of self-care, self-awareness and self-empowerment

Markus Pesonen & Catarina Brazão

Markus Pesonen & Catarina Brazão

The Acoustic Body is an integrative and trauma-informed approach for supporting healing and wellbeing. It’s a combination of creative and somatic tools with immersive sound that helps to train the resilience of the central nervous system and stimulates plasticity in the brain by helping to deal with emotions, body, thoughts and memories at the same time, and not with one of them as a means to influence the others. It has been proved to facilitate physical relaxation and mental clarity, relieve stress and pain, understand aspects of oneself, deepen the sense of presence and awareness, better emotional expression, etc. In other words, the Acoustic Body Approach is an answer to the everyday demands, the chronic and ongoing challenges, and the impact that stress has on most of us.

The approach has been created by Catarina Brazão (somatic educator and social worker) and Markus Pesonen (composer and sound artist) and tested all over Europe during the last three years with over 1000 people from all ages and backgrounds. It has attracted the interest of healthcare professionals and therapists due to the fact that the approach meets the person, and recovery and wellbeing is achieved at their own pace and on their own terms.

The Acoustic Body approach can be applied in many settings and professions, be of
value in many different situations and go as far and wide as our imagination and personal interests go. 


At the moment, these are the focus:

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Acoustic Body approach &


There are many obstacles within society and ourselves that limit our self-expression and hinder our growth and learning abilities. The Acoustic Body invites you to explore the depths of your being through an experiential body-focussed approach to creativity and art making. You’ll be led through practices and activities for accessing the total range of your expressive resources and explore your senses in order to research the (your) Self.


Acoustic Body approach & chronic pain

It teaches people to reverse chronic muscular pain conditions which have been developed from the brain's habituation to stress reflexes, injuries, surgeries or on-going stress. A systemically powerful and beneficial side-effect of Acoustic Body is also the shift of the nervous system from a sympathetic state to a parasympathetic state.


The Acoustic Body approach for Elders

An empowerment approach which takes into account that the ageing process affects all body systems, and the nervous system is no exception. New scientific research has shown that the nervous system is highly adaptable, can change very quickly and the changes can happen at any phase of life. Therefore, the Acoustic Body programme for seniors provides a non-invasive technique to stimulate different systems of the body, including the brain, which has the potential to provoke marked changes in emotions and movement.

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Acoustic Body retreat is a great way to learn more. Contact us to hear about coming trainings.

How can Acoustic Body approach benefit your business or community?

We create taylor made immersive nature sound installation and bespoke workshops. If you would like to bring sounds and somatics to your people, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a free consultation. We are here to help you!

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