What is the Acoustic Body core training?

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The Acoustic Body® core training is a 9-month, 3 module training in Europe that prepares you to become an Acoustic Body practitioner and offers you a profound journey into your own personal growth and transformation within the realm of sound and somatics.

The Acoustic Body is an innovative, holistic and integral somatic approach to sound that invites people to allow and more fully experience their flow of feelings so that they can revitalise themselves emotionally, move beyond limiting believes and patterns in order to embrace their innate wholeness and potential magnificence and experience the joy and satisfaction of embodying their uniqueness.

Markus Pesonen & Catarina Brazão, the founders of Acoustic Body

Markus Pesonen & Catarina Brazão, the founders of Acoustic Body

The training is more learner-oriented and is predominantly based on skill and competence development. It’s also about creating the environment where experiential, embodied and communal learning takes place, while honouring the uniqueness of each individual process. 

Building on your own personal transformation and what you do well, this training provides you with greater confidence to start working or expand the work you are doing with your clients, or with sound way beyond what you thought was possible.

This interactive and experiential training takes place over three modules that include residential intensives and home study. The first Acoustic Body retreat provides the foundational understanding of the Acoustic Body approach and also prepares the students for the next module. 

“Sound is a healer with invisible hands”
— Catarina Brazão


A training that will change your life and your career

In preparing students for practice, the Acoustic Body program stresses the importance of self-knowledge and self-development. We believe that practitioners need to have knowledge of their own responses and senses of meaning as they work with others.

This emphasis on personal exploration requires students to enter deeply into their own bodily experience, exploring the capacity for empathy, feeling, and expression. They are also asked to examine the familial, social, and cultural roots of their experience. In this way, students work with the personal material they will bring to the therapeutic engagement or to the musical creation.


The Acoustic Body training is for you if…

  • You want to know and grow your auditory, vibratory and somatic awareness.

  • You wish to raise awareness about the power of sound and somatic education to transform people’s lives.

  • You love to learn and grow and feel ready to take a deep dive into your own personal exploration around the sonic world, somatic awareness and eco-psychology.

  • You believe in the power of the synergy created by the interaction and cooperation between different disciplines.

  • You want to be part of a community of like-minded people around you to support your personal and professional growth.

  • You are the person that loves to be out in nature and to be awake to all there is though your senses. You love adventures and new experiences through your inner and outer landscapes, and you also care about nature preservation.

  • You are ready to create your dream work to something that offers you deep, personal fulfilment.

  • You are passionate about supporting people in discovering their uniqueness and developing their potential.

  • You wish to use and develop a growing and living library of immersive therapeutic nature sounds and music.

  • You see the potential of sound medicine and wish to take part in creating a new paradigm in holistic healthcare.

  • You wish to co-create a new profession of Acoustic Body® practitioners and enjoy peer support and international network.


Join the pioneering community of Acoustic Body practitioners… 
… and enjoy peer to peer support and professional network. 

We are committed to building the professional community of Acoustic Body practitioners worldwide and advocating for the profession in legal and governmental arenas. We work to educate the general public about our work and help our colleagues in Integrative Medicine, Human Services, and the Performing Arts understand the benefits of the Acoustic Body approach.

If you believe in integral approaches that challenge the idea of separation between body, mind, and spirit and connect ancient wisdom to cutting edge technology and research, then this is the right community for you. We are a group of people engaged in developing new approaches to somatic sound therapy and education, as well as creating and recording new sounds and music. These includes working across disciplines and within a variety of communities. 


The core elements that make this approach unique and will enrich your life and your practice with invaluable resources are: 

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1. Somatic awareness

Somatic awareness simply means an embodied experience of the Self. You will lead and be lead through experiences of embodiment, deep listening, breathwork, mindful and psychosomatic unwinding exercises so that you can more fully inhabit your body and feel your sensations and emotions. The foundation of this training is mindfulness – this means learning self-awareness, awareness of others, and responsiveness to your body’s needs and messages. Through embodiment practices you will get in touch with your body as a source of wisdom.

In addition to bringing our awareness to the body, the body also has its own capacity for awareness. When freed from the burdens it carries from trauma and attachment wounds, the body comes into relationship and alignment with the Self and the surrounding environment. 

2. Acoustics

Acoustics or sonics is the science of sound—there are many kinds of sound and many ways that sound affects our lives. Here we cover a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Sound production, transmission, and reception

  • Body reaction to sound vibrations (bioacoustics)

  • Perceptual and cognitive responses to sound and sound structures, closely related to context and previous experiences (psychoacoustics)

  • Examination of sound in terms of its historical, sociological, and cultural context

  • Anatomy and physiology of the ear and hearing, difference and similarities between hearing and listening

  • Nature soundscapes, city soundscapes, creation of soundscapes for different purposes, listening culture and technology


3. Eco-psychology and deep ecology

Restoring our broken connection to nature does not just benefit the individual, but extends out to the healing of all our relationships, both personal and societal. This new awareness changes people’s priorities and actions to take into account the health of the environment and eventually embrace the idea that nature has an intrinsic value—a value apart from its usefulness to human beings, and that all life forms should be allowed to flourish and fulfil their evolutionary destinies.  


What will I learn?

  • To develop a somatic understanding of the impact of sound including vibration and music.

  • To develop your capacity to be present amidst deep emotion and transformation.

  • To work with your own challenges and develop it as a resource in your own work.

  • To take care of and resource yourself as a practitioner or composer who interacts authentically with the people they work with.

  • To listen for various levels of the self and ground them somatically, including historical shaping, safety shaping, resilience, self identity, cultural context, spiritual impulses, etc.

  • To broaden your ability to work effectively with a wide variety of people and sounds.

  • To develop your own competency to choose the right intervention.

  • To recognise and work with symptoms of trauma including dissociation, numbing, hyper vigilance, lack of boundaries, excessive control, physiological "armouring”, etc.

  • To integrate specialised somatic sound as an essential aspect of healing and learning as it allows you and the client to bypass cognitive defences and habitual interpretations.


What will I get?

Extensive feedback
You will get personal feedback as a practitioner or composer with the aim of enhancing your skills and knowledge, ensuring responsible and ethical practice and strengthening your self-care and professional competence. 

Ongoing Support
You have support through the entire training for questions you might have or if things come up for you during the training that you need support with. 

Community support
By going through the training, you will connect with this amazing community of friends and colleagues who can listen, see and support you deeply.  

A training manual
Upon arrival, you will receive a comprehensive training manual with the Acoustic Body practices. For each module, we also offer you a list of readings and videos that are pertinent to the training.

Community Experiences and Field Trips
These are informal gatherings usually in a beautiful natural location that you can attend. They bring students, practitioners and other professionals together into collaborative learning environments with the aim of sharing their experiences and reflecting on their practice, as well as to keep improving the development of the profession itself. 

Private Facebook Group
Before the training starts, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you can begin networking with your fellow students around shared housing and transportation. Once the class begins, this group will be a great place for announcements and support as you begin to see clients.


What will I be able to offer to clients?

  • Embodied connection to their body and emotions supporting new interpretations of their behaviour and self

  • Secure attachment and greater self-expression that create different opportunities for transformation

  • Resilience in facing the fears that paralyse them

  • Acceptance of their uniqueness—of who they are, their desires, needs, and boundaries

  • Permission and support in living their life fully and unapologetically

  • A broad definition of sound, why is important to be aware of it, and how to

  • An understanding of the audible and inaudible sounds and what they can offer in terms of meeting core needs, healing from core wounds, fulfilling missing experiences, and more

  • The ability to be more soft and human with themselves and others

  • Ease, including less tension in their lives and bodies

Where do I start?

Acoustic Body retreat is the first step in the Acoustic Body Approach. See the next Acoustic Body retreats below.