Somatic Sound Journeys are a unique combination of an immersive sound experience with an embodied listening practice. The immersive sonic landscapes used in the workshop involve a variety of nature sounds and acoustic music recorded three-dimensionally. Music and sound elicit emotive and intuitive associations that can be felt physically, opening up a space to train somatic awareness.

Somatic Sound Journeys were created by somatic educator Catarina Brazão and composer Markus Pesonen with the intention of learning to feel the body by observing and exploring ourselves in relation to sound. You are invited to use the experience for somatic processing of sensations, emotions or any information that is produced by the impact of the sound in the body. It’s a form of active listening that deepens self-awareness and the connection to the “soma” — the felt body.

Every journey is unique. Its composition is created in the moment. Markus spent many years recording sounds, playing different instruments and composing several tracks that are now the sonic material for the journeys. The experience is accompanied by a blindfold mask that enables total darkness even with open eyes. A holographic speaker system is also used, balancing our hearing and thus bringing a sense of deep centredness. The intention behind it is to support each participant in accessing and surrendering to their bodily sensations and inner movie.

“This seeking of inner transformation, rooted in the vibrations of sound and corporeal awareness, raises the level of self-awareness — of being in the body.”
— Lawrence Sacharow

The Somatic Sound Journeys are one of the tools used in the Acoustic Body® approach where the focus is not only in the impact of sound and vibration on people and the environment, but also on its potential to help us process feelings and resolve memories. It studies how sound can be used as a tool to train self-regulating skills in a safe space. Sound is a tremendously powerful, invisible force. We are all the time surrounded by sounds and our auditory system is active twenty-four hours a day, whether we are awake or asleep. For better or worse, it shapes our brain and body, as well as our culture.

The way our nervous system processes sound impacts our overall health and wellbeing - physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Sometimes the effects of sound are evident in our everyday life; other times they occur below the level of consciousness and below the level of hearing. Therefore the aim of this work is to promote a new culture of embodied listening and raise awareness of general issues around listening, sound and sonic environment.


PROGRAMME (2-3 hours depending on group size) 

  • Arrival, logistics and getting ready

  • Introduction to somatic listening and the impact of sound

  • Exercises for embodiment and tuning in

  • Getting comfortable, lying down and putting on the blindfold

  • Somatic Sound Journey

  • Integration time and grounding

  • Group sharing and Q&A

  • Discussion on topics like water, sound, health, trauma, environment, etc.



"THANK YOU! for this wonderful Sound Journey. This experience really touched me deeply. Thank you very much for this again. I wish that you reach many people and touch them with this work." — Gabi

"The experience last Sunday was really amazing. I'm very happy to have experienced such a strong and powerful connection to your work and my inner self. It's really quite fascinating and I thank you for allowing me to realise some very present issues I need to still continue working on. I'm very much looking forward to the next workshop organised by the two of you." — Vicky

"I was very positively surprised by the experience and everything that I felt after the experience. The sound journey had produced a sensation of total bliss and calm in my body and I felt that no external situation could change that. Also, I felt very awake, very instinctive, just listening to my self. I am very appreciative of having been part of this experience of body awareness. I would love to cross paths with you two once again and experience another sound journey." — Martina

"First of all, let me tell you that we all felt very comfortable — you have the capacity to share a calm atmosphere and open spaces... For me personally, the workshop was an experience of opening awareness. It seems to me that the Markus' compositions and the sound equipment that is so incredibly loyal to the real sound, have a lot of impact on the listener." — Elena

“Thank you very much for this great experience. At the beginning pictures of water, whales and other animals came to me, then suddenly I started to have reactions from my body as twitches and a tingling feeling in my whole body until I fell into a kind of trance. When I came back I had the sensation that I could feel every single cell of my body. Unbelievable!!! Because I could rarely really feel my body before.” — Eve

"Thank you very much for the sound journey. It was an enriching experience and your work is very interesting. I also believe to be extremely important to become aware of our surroundings from the point of view of our inner being and towards all beings." — Silvia

"The journey felt both like a healing ceremony and an aesthetic experience, merged in one. An experience of the sound as natural, played by invisible hands. So the nervous system and the hearing were unafraid to stretch out their fine and sensitive "fibres”. The experience of imagination coming alive or imaginative space created. After the journey, a feeling of being cleansed and relaxed." — Anna

"Thank you. It was a strong and beautiful experience." — Medha

“I would describe my experience as meditative as I went pretty deep during the journey. The sound was really impressive – an amazing natural soundscape.”  — Jyrki

“The experience really gave us food for thought. It gave rise to good conversations with others afterwards and enriched our everyday life. The experience was beautiful.”  — Milla and Heikki

“The journey was very strong and deep for me. The blindfold enhanced the experience of focussing on hearing. It was an important element in that respect. I went deep into myself and it allowed me to hear my internal state – to see how I really was. I also felt a deep love and appreciation for myself, and that felt touching. After the sound journey, it took me some time to return to the external reality. I asked Catarina to help me ground again.”  – Veera

“The Somatic Sound Journey was a wonderful experience for me! Especially the group discussions after the journey evoked many new thoughts for me. After the event, I got a feeling about how wonderful it would be to get your workshop here in Koli.”  — Marianne

“I haven’t felt so effortless relaxed and connected for years already after a few minutes of the sound journey, and it still persists days later. The team felt very harmonious, welcoming and competent, the space was fascinating and the sound impressive - I had a fantastic experience. I’m looking forward to more." — Ursula

“It was a beautiful experience. The whole journey brought me to places full of beauty and joy and evoked feelings of home”  — Philipp

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