Why water?

The fascination for the various forms and expressions of water has led Markus and Catarina to develop a personal relationship with this elixir of life. Their work is an exploration of the very essence of water and aims to call people’s attention to its aliveness – when one sees how water responds, remembers and transforms, one respects it as a living entity and understands its fundamental importance for life. 


2019 Savonlinnan Kultturikellari, Savonlinna
2019 Koloveden Luontotupa, Enonkoski
2018 Kolin Keidas, Koli
2017 Casa Serrão, Lisbon
2016 WeJazz Festival, Helsinki
2016 IRIL, Lisbon
2016 UMAO, Copenhagen
2016 Konst gallery, Helsinki
2015 Art & Design Fusion by Velvenoir, Salzburg
2015 10th annual Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, Varna
2014 Museo de Arte Moderno MAM, Mexico City
2014 Leogant Loft, Berlin
2014 Café Bar No 9, Helsinki 
2014 Casa de Cultura Bucareli 69, Mexico City
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The Depth of Water photography collection specifically portraits the many expressions of water showing in every picture its distinctively different characters. Each photograph marks a moment in the continuous story of traveling water reminding us to cherish and protect water’s life and water places for the sake of Earth and all Beings. As Phillip Ball said in Life's Matrix: A Biography of Water: "like a person, water has immediate, evident, and familiar characteristics that can be understood only, if at all, by a consideration of its deeper makeup, of the hidden factors that shape its behaviour." 

Water is universally both
the origin and the dissolver of realities
— Troubled Waters by Gary Chamberlain




Catarina and Markus’ passion for water took them to explore different fields of knowledge like science, health, culture, etc. in order to deepen their understanding of this primordial element of nature. Their extensive research and contact with water has culminated in the development of a series of seminars and events in which they share what they’ve learned and discovered.

Water is life, both individually and globally. Our bodies, our planet — water makes up more than half of both and is crucial to our survival. It is such an essential part of life, yet we still struggle to honour it.
— Catarina Brazão
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