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  • Artistieke Projectruimte Postx Van Goethemstraat 33 9820 Merelbeke Belgium (map)
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Somatic Sound Journey is an embodied listening workshop that combines an engaging listening experience, body awareness exercises, and discussion about listening to the body, the therapeutic effect of sound and our listening cultures. Our invitation is for an internal exploration by listening to yourself.

Music and sound elicit emotive and intuitive associations that can be felt physically, opening up a space to train somatic awareness. The three-dimensional sonic landscapes used in the work involve a variety of nature sounds and acoustic music (listen to an example). The experience is accompanied by a blindfold mask that enables total darkness even with open eyes.

A holographic speaker system is also used, balancing our hearing and thus bringing a sense of deep centredness. You are invited to use the experience for somatic processing of sensations, emotions or any information that is produced by the impact of the sound in the body. It’s a form of active listening that deepens self-awareness and the connection to the “soma” — the felt body.

Somatic Sound Journeys were created by Catarina Brazão and Markus Pesonen as a part of Acoustic Body® approach that brings together somatic education, eco-psychology and the power of sound to help people reconnect with their nature within and around.



"THANK YOU! for this wonderful Sound Journey. This experience really touched me deeply. Thank you very much for this again. I wish that you reach many people and touch them with this work." — Gabi

"I was very positively surprised by the experience and everything that I felt after the experience. The sound journey had produced a sensation of total bliss and calm in my body and I felt that no external situation could change that. Also, I felt very awake, very instinctive, just listening to myself. I am very appreciative of having been part of this experience of body awareness. I would love to cross paths with you two once again and experience another sound journey." — Martina

“I would describe my experience as meditative as I went pretty deep during the journey. The sound was really impressive – an amazing natural soundscape.”  — Jyrki

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Reduced price for low-income groups 20€

Registrations in advance. There is a limited number of places.