Catarina Brazão and Markus Pesonen are the founders of the For the Sake of Being(s). Both of them share a passion for authentic living and enthusiasm for the natural world and that is the true foundation of their work.

Catarina Brazão is a somatic educator, social entrepreneur, soul midwife and an avid nature lover. She holds a degree in social work in the field of mental health and has researched extensively on gender and social issues as well as shamanism. Catarina is an advocate for the freedom of self-expression and is on a mission to help people claim back their innate wholeness. Her goal is to help people to get to know themselves and learn to listen to the subtle messages that the body gives. With over ten years of experience working on one-on-one sessions and groups, and inspired by the practice of a variety of somatic and spiritual disciplines, she teaches an exclusive approach tailored to each person she works with. Today she mainly offers fully immersive workshops, courses and programmes around Europe that support people in discovering their uniqueness and authenticity. "By respecting and accepting all parts of ourselves we can ultimately love our purpose of existence."

Markus Pesonen is a composer, guitarist, sound alchemist, multimedia artist and teacher, investigating the impact of sound on people and the environment. In the contemporary music field he’s known from music groups ranging from solo guitar with live electronics to his 11-piece ensemble Markus Pesonen Hendectet and from a chamber music to techno remix with an international trajectory. “My work continues to be inspired by nature and the nature of reality.” Markus holds a masters degree in music and a composer diploma from the rhythmical conservatory in Copenhagen, but his insatiable curiosity and search for truth has taken him to explore and research on many topics.  Markus is also an advocate for thriving health and abundant living, always finding new connections across disciplines, developing innovations for the greater good and creating sounds and songs to invigorate the body and soul.

Today they combine their wisdom and skills, learn from each other's expertise and share their experience and excitement about life. This together with their committed research and approach to art, education and healing synthesize a new social and spiritual movement towards an ever greater wholeness in terms of living up to our potential as human beings in alignment with the natural world.