Under sink filter + UMH Revitaliser

From 840.00 € (inc. VAT)

Our holistic concept solutions are a combination of filter and revitalisation

For all those who love it in their kitchen more tidy. With this comfortable installation variant you tap filtered water in spring water quality from the water tap of your choice. The technology remains completely hidden under the sink.

From simple to double filter for more water flow, with separate or a 3-way fitting. Our Italian designer fittings also fit perfectly into high-quality kitchens and evaluate them.

We supply everything ready for installation with replacement cartridges for one year and a disinfecting set. With our filter service, we remind you in time of the next filter change and the new cartridges you get free of charge annually.

With our installation concept, you can also choose between two vitalisation variables.

Vitality: UMH Pure or UMH Master 1/2, 24 Kt. Gold plated

Filter cartridge: CARBONIT GFP Premium
Filter fineness: approx. 0.4 μm
Safety: Bacterial-resistant
Flow: approx. 2-3 liters per minute (depending on the water pressure)
Usage period: max. 6 months (DIN 1988)

The DUO variant with two cartridges connected in parallel for double flow is recommended only in the business area, you can connect a refrigerator or if you want to keep your fitting.