UMH Live

495.00 € (inc. VAT)

The UMH Live is the most versatile unit of them all. It can be used directly in the faucets, in combination with table top filters or used as a travel companion. It is made of brass and has a pyramid-shaped quartz crystal. The handmade vials made of borosilicate glass ensure a highly stable energy field inside the device. For the refinement, you can choose between rhodium and 24 karat gold.

The UMH Live and the UMH Pure are identical in terms of energy spectrum.

Areas of application: table-top filter, travel set, shower and bath, faucet, garden connection.

- Removes pollutant frequencies
- Improvement of the cellular water absorption and of the capacity to assimilate nutrients
- Crystalline spring water structure
- Stable bioenergy
- Transfer of anabolic energy when drinking, bathing and showering
- Noticeably softer and fresher taste

Dimension: 1/2 ", M22, M24
Material: brass, 24 kt. gold plated or rhodium plated
Flow rate l / min: 12

Live Gold
This is our standard revitaliser and our recommendation. Gold has a particularly harmonising effect and corresponds to the elemental order of the sun.

Live Rhodium
If you prefer optically silver, we offer our revitaliser also rhodium. Rhodium is a very high-quality material, which does not start with silver, but is identical in colour to silver.

An additional purchase of Travel Kit (55€) brings more versatility when revitalising any liquids.

All technical data can be found in the data sheet.