UMH Heat

From 450.00 € (inc. VAT)

UMH Heat is an effective solution to energise heating water, especially for floor heating systems or heating circuits. The silting of the circulating water is inhibited or reversed. The brass device is equipped with a special ceramic composition. On the inside there is a hyperbolic flow cycle and hand-made vials to ensure a highly stable energy field. The negative effects of the floor heating such as heavy legs, fatigue, circulatory problems, etc. are eliminated by the energised water quality and the water color remains clear for years.

Material: brass

Areas of application: floor heating systems, wall heating systems, heating circuits.

- Protects the heating circuit system against sludge
- Transfer of building energies via the floor heating system
- Increasing the quality of living space
- The heating water remains clear for years
- At least 5% heating cost savings

For faster flow rate UMH Heat is also available in larger sizes. Please refer to data sheet for further information.