UMH Delta

1,470.00 € (inc. VAT)

The UMH Delta has been developed for therapeutic use. The pyramid-shaped stand structure is effective when comes to multiple energising the water and other beverages. Depending on the frequency of the application, a custom level of energy can be reached. 

The device is made of brass and 24 karat gold-plated. It is equipped with a special gemstone composition, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handmade vials to ensure a highly stable energy field.

Material: brass, 24 kt. gold plated

Fields of application: For bottled water, therapeutic work, for multiple energising.

- Removes pollutant frequencies
- Improvement of the cellular water absorption and of the capacity to assimilate nutrients
- Crystalline spring water structure
- Stable bioenergy
- Transfer of anabolic energy when drinking
- Noticeably softer and fresher taste
- Activation of bottled water and beverages
- Multiple energisation possible

All technical data can be found in the data sheet.