UMH Comfort

1,330.00 € (inc. VAT)

With the UMH Comfort, UMH offers especially for rental housing a comfortable solution to energise the entire tap water. Due to the simple installation on the main tap of the cold and / or hot water, no line separation is necessary. The shut-off facility is retained. Even a later disassembly is easily possible. The UMH unit is made of brass and is 24 karat hard gold-plated. In addition to 10 gemstones, there are 10 vials, made of high quality borosilicate glass.

Material: brass, 24 kt. gold plated

Area of application: Apartments

- Removes pollutant frequencies
- Improvement of the cellular water absorption and of the capacity to assimilate nutrients
- Crystalline spring water structure
- Stable bioenergy
- Transfer of anabolic energy when drinking, bathing and showering
- Noticeably softer and fresher taste
- Limestone dissolving and inhibiting
- Reduced detergent requirements
- Protection for pipelines and equipment

All technical data can be found in the data sheet.