The Somatic Sound Session is a way to work with body-mind-spirit as a unity, dealing with emotions, body and thoughts at the same time, not with one of them as a means to influence the others. 

“We are already a single unity, one body-mind-spirit, which just needs to be recognised and accepted, not reunited.”
— Catarina Brazão

These sessions are a powerful way in successfully accessing and transforming the issues you may bring to the session. Since the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects are always interactive and influential, we need tools that can bypass our cognitive defences and sound does that definitely. Sound is a healer with invisible hands acting below the level of the conscious mind. 

The central focus of the sessions is the deepening of awareness and actualisation of one’s potential, with a specific focus on the role of the body in creating and sustaining authenticity and self-love. Our aim is to help you to gain the skills to stay true to yourself in all situations life may present you with.

If this is something you are interested in exploring, we welcome you to connect.

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We believe that you are creative, resourceful and don’t need to be fixed. The focus of our work is to help you stay true to who you really are and find what you want in your life.


How sessions are done?

After an initial assessment, we tailor our approach to meet your needs. The work incorporates such modalities as sound work, breath work, communication, bodywork, movement practices, physical exercises, description tools and integrates hands on work and techniques to increase your ability to pay attention, exercise your nervous system and raise your level of energy in order for you to move towards your true self.

At the end of the session, you receive your personal recording of the sound work and in some cases sound prescripitions.

The work we offer does not replace medical treatment and does not make any diagnosis but can often be done additionally to support and enhance healing processes. We are available to work in close partnership with your doctor, therapist or practitioner.


What are the benefits?

Although the following list gives some examples of what you can expect, it shouldn’t constraint your own unique experience:

  • Exercising the nervous system and build resilience
  • Relieve stress and promote a lasting and substantial reduction in people prone to anxiety states
  • Facilitate a deep physical relaxation and mental clarity
  • Better synchronise the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins
  • Recognising and understanding aspects of oneself
  • Better attitude towards life and greater vitality
  • Better and healthier body feeling
  • Supporting healing processes of the body, mind, and heart
  • Learning to deal with fear and pain
  • Self-love and self-confidence
  • More connection, mutuality, and intimacy
  • Accessing and deepening mindfulness, awareness, and presence
  • Better communication and emotional expression



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