FOr the Sake of being(s) Residency at Olo Centre

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For the Sake of Being(s) residency provides time, space and facilities for research, experimentation and production of artistic work and ideas. It’s located in East Finland, in the municipality of Enonkoski, next to the Kolovesi national park, in a former village school of Ihamaniemi. The surrounding of the two-floor traditional log house is Finnish rural landscape, with lakes and forests all around.

residency PERIODS:

 One or two month residency October - November 2019




Besides basic equipment, each room has a working desk. Our beds and mattresses are of high quality and 100% natural materials. The common spaces of the residency include kitchen, bathrooms, winter garden, and wooden sauna. There is a wireless internet connection within the house and a washing machine is available to use. We use only organic washing products in the house.

Prices in Euros:

Bedroom 1: 13,5 m² — 350/month, 200/2weeks or 150/week
Bedroom 2: 17 m² — 400/month, 230/2weeks or 170/week
Bedroom 3: 21 m² — 450/month, 260/2weeks or 200/week



There are two large separate studios available and suitable especially for both dance and performance artists, yet they’re open to anyone. The height of the studios is 3,35 meters and they have a painted wooden floor, with large windows facing east. Studios have many electric sockets all around. Studio 1 has a large mirror and strong hooks on the roof that can be used for hanging objects or aerial practices.

Prices in Euros:

Studio 1 or 2: 54 m² — 150/month, 90/2weeks or 50/week



The guests of the residency are responsible for the travel costs and arrangements. Considering the remote location of the residency, we can help you organise transportation on your arrival and departure, but please note that you are also responsible for these traveling costs. The nearest city is Savonlinna (40 km) from where you can arrive by plane, train or bus from all over Finland. The ones selected for the residency will receive more information.





To apply for the residency, send us an informal application with the following:

  • preliminary plan of working in the residency

  • attachments (pictures and links)

  • the spaces of your wish

  • tell us also if you can share a working space

Send the application to:

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For the Sake of Being(s) is a social enterprise and the three points of focus of our activities are art, education and wellbeing. All our work promotes a healthy relationship towards ourselves, our body and mind, and to nature as a holistic interconnected system and source of all life. In Olo center, where the residency takes part, we organise workshops and events on topics such as art, ecology, self-development, wild food, permaculture, etc.