Dear retreat participant. We're delighted to have you with. For the most successful retreat with clear intentions please read through the following form and submit it to us. 

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Our retreats are designed for personal growth, healing, education and learning and not for entertainment. It may involve cognitive, somatic and energetic aspects. During the retreat, participants may experience shifts which may evoke memories of past experiences and/or emotions, some of which may have been suppressed for many years. Strong emotions may be evoked both during and after the retreat and it may take time to the participant integrate their experience following the retreat. It is recommended that the participant does not consume alcohol or drugs (unless specifically prescribed by a doctor) both in the period prior to, during and immediately after the retreat. It is essential that the participant communicates any feelings or concerns (positive or negative) to the facilitators. The retreat is a safe space to practice honesty and openness. It is your right to say “no” to anything you are uncomfortable with. If the participant has any questions or concerns, it is essential that they discuss these with the facilitators without being refunded. If it is better for the group, the facilitators have the right to ask a participant to leave. In this case the refund will be adjusted accordingly. The entire retreat is participant-led and the participant is responsible for their own experience both during and after the retreat and the participant has understood that they may stop the retreat (without a refund) at any moment by notifying the facilitators. If better for the group, the facilitators may ask a participant to stop the retreat. If such a case would happen, the refund will be adjusted accordingly. We always look for a solution and aim for the completion of the retreat before asking the participant to stop.
Ground rules and aims *
In order to create a safe space for each of us to open and express our uniqueness, we need to establish the ground rules of the retreat. GROUND RULES (something we move from): - Respect is the foundation of trust. Respect yourself, others and the space. Do not take anything for granted. Always ask for permission. - Serve the space and the group by breathing and giving your full attention to what is happening. - Always speak from your own experience. Nothing more, nothing less. - Keep confidentiality. Let yourself be inspired by what happens but share only what you have learned from it. - Say yes, except when you feel no. And maybe is a pause to draw within for further clarity. And in order to charge the space, we need to set aims (intention), hold attention and stay curious. AIMS (something we move towards): - To explore the limits and potentials of the self. Accept what you see. It's only from the recognition of what is now that we can start moving towards self-love. - To combine structure with flexibility. Finding freedom inside of the framework. Giving space for the unexpected. - To understand the dynamics between repetition, evolution and change. Acknowledging the cycles of patterns. - To express your own myth. Recognising the uniqueness of your essence and taking the responsibility of living from your deepest purpose. - To practice gratitude and patience by learning to receive what is given. Savouring each and every moment of the process. Not needing to rush as there will be always more to discover.