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  • Kolin Keidas Course Center Koli National Park, Ylä-kolintie 83960 Finland (map)

An immersive one-day event to explore your emotional responses to sound and its impact on the body. 

The human body is wired to be exquisitely sensitive to sound. The faculty of hearing is one of the first senses to be developed in the uterus, and the last to depart before death. Nevertheless, this sense is underappreciated. 

Sound has an immense power to transport us into various brainwave states, to strengthen our dynamic sensory memory and helps us find an inner state of centred awareness. Throughout the Somatic Sound Journeys, you are encouraged to actively involve yourself with sound and make sense of your direct experience. Within a supportive and caring environment, this experiential and integrative retreat includes somatic sound journeys, a sound walk, guided body awareness exercises and group discussions to help you embrace your innate wholeness. 

Somatic Sound Journeys are three-dimensional sonic landscapes that involve a variety of nature sounds recorded binaurally. Atmospheric music and a holographic speaker system create a natural sound, balancing our hearing and thus bringing a sense of deep centredness. Music and sound elicit emotive and intuitive associations that can be felt physically, opening up a space to train somatic awareness.

Somatic Sound Journeys were created by composer Markus Pesonen and somatic educator Catarina Brazao with the intention of learning to feel the body by observing and exploring ourselves in relation to sound. You are invited to use the experience for somatic processing of sensations, emotions or any information that is produced by the impact of the sound in the body. It’s a form of active listening that deepens self-awareness and the connection to the “soma” — the felt body.

Every journey is unique. Its composition is created in the moment. Markus spent many years recording sounds, playing different instruments and composing several tracks that are now the sonic material for the journeys.

The experience is accompanied by a blindfold mask that enables total darkness even with open eyes. Our visual sense is often over-stimulated by a constant stream of visual information. By giving the eyes a rest, we can experience very relaxing states and access our own inner movie. 

The way our nervous system processes sound impacts our overall health and wellbeing - physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Sometimes the effects of sound are evident in our everyday life; other times they occur below the level of consciousness and below the level of hearing. Therefore the aim of this work is to promote a new culture of embodied listening and raise awareness of general issues around listening, sound and sonic environment.

10.30 Introduction and the first Somatic Sound Journey
13.00 Lunch
15.00 Second Somatic Sound Journey
17.30 Dinner
18.30 Sauna

In this event you will:
- discover the power of being fully embodied when you journey with sound
- expand your ability to focus your attention on the present moment
- explore the power and intelligence of emotional embodiment
- build trust in your ability to tap into the wisdom of your body
- explore the art of authentic and honest communication
- understand the basics of sound and somatics 

June 24th, Saturday 10:30 till 19:30

The course takes place in Koli Keidas, a course centre in the middle of a nature park and close to the hills of Koli. The centre is one of the oldest farms of Koli. It dates back to 1750. It is an idyllic and atmospheric place for the course.

- 2 Somatic Sound Journeys
- Body awareness exercises
- Two hearty vegetarian meals from organic and wild ingredients
- Free time to relax in nature
- Wood-fired sauna
- Campfire
- Personal self-development community connection


(including the somatic sound journeys, lunch, dinner, and sauna)

Refund Policy

- Please bring comfortable clothing for moving.
- Please bring a yoga mat or something similar to lie down and a blanket.
- The course is in English but if needed, we can help translating with Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish and German. The main language we use, however, is the universal language of sound.


Earlier Event: June 16
Later Event: July 15