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  • Elontuli Retreat Center 94 Merkniementie Lohja, 09120 Finland (map)

Whether you wish to learn a new profession, learn new tools for your current profession, or you simply desire new skills for your own personal enrichment, the Acoustic Body® Retreat offers you an in-depth experiential process through your inner and outer soundscapes. 

For the Sake of Being(s) offers a 7-day retreat on the Acoustic Body approach — combination of the principles of sound and vibration with the principles of somatic awareness and eco-psychology. The retreat is the foundational step of the 9-month Acoustic Body certificate programme. 

This transformational and restorative retreat is designed to support you in becoming aware of how deeply sound shapes your relationship to the world around you and facilitate a rich journey of personal and collective discovery and healing through the felt structures of sound. 

This retreat is for you if you wish to... 

  • Discuss the ways sounds and frequencies impact us and explore our individual and collective relationship with them. 
  • Use different sounds and frequencies, and exercises to stimulate our imagination and to help us process conscious or unconscious emotions, fears and/or traumas. 
  • Explore the interconnections between personal, communal and environmental issues by diving into the depth of sound. 
  • Learn about active listening to the inner and outer environment and practice somatic awareness. 
  • Use the transformative power of inner seeing, witnessing, writing, communication and creative expression as a tool for growth and clarity. 
  • Learn to relate more fully to ourselves, others and the surroundings, and gain a greater understanding of who we are today and where we want to go. 


Somatic Sound Journey — Three-dimensional sonic landscapes that involve a variety of nature sounds and acoustic music recorded binaurally. Music and sound touch us physically and emotionally, opening up a space to train somatic awareness. It’s a form of active listening that deepens self-awareness and the connection to the “soma” — the felt body.

Psychosomatic Unwinding — These are exercises meant to combat the conditioning that keeps us feeling disconnected from our bodies, numb and/or anxious. You will be lead through experiences of embodiment, breathwork, and unwinding movement so that you can more fully inhabit your body and feel your sensations and emotions. By releasing your body’s tensions, you’ll free yourself and be closer to your truth.  

Sonic Meditation — These are practices of deep listening to the surroundings and what is inside you. You will be lead through experiences of listening through the senses, listening with movement, drumming and voicing. The foundation of the sonic meditations is mindfulness – this means learning self-awareness, awareness of others, and responsiveness to your body’s needs and messages.

Sound Walk — Walks into the wild or semi-wild landscapes offers us the chance to contemplate our own psychic landscape and also to experience the interconnectedness of our lives with the environment around. Solo, pair and group exercises designed to evoke the awareness shifting experience that usually happens through the encounter with nature.

Circle of Trust — This is an invitation to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences of one’s abstract inner life through language. It supports the exploration of the inner land- and soundscape and promotes communal learning through the recognition of the great human diversity. Be daring to connect in truth and authenticity and to see what you see at any given moment. A true practice of compassion!

    Everyday activities: 
    Creative project
    Regenerative movements

    Optional evening activities:

    Starts at 3 p.m. on July 25th. Finishes at 3 p.m. on August 1st. 

    The course takes place in Elontuli Retreat Centre, at the shore of the Puujärvi lake, one hour away from the Helsinki airport.


    - Seven nights' accommodation in rooms of 2-3 beds
    - Lovingly prepared vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) made with organic and wild ingredients (for special dietary requests, please write to
    - Acoustic Body kit: special blindfold and design glass water bottle
    - Somatic Sound Journeys recordings
    - Somatic Sound Journeys, Sonic Meditations and Sound Walks
    - Somatic awareness exercises
    - Personal self-development and community connection
    - Free time to relax and contemplate



    TWO PAYMENTS OF 495 € (total 990 €)

    THREE PAYMENTS OF 360 € (total 1080 €)


    *We also accept work exchange and are looking for people with writing skills, marketing experience or with a passion for networking. Fill in the work exchange form here.

    ** For the Sake of Being(s) is offering three partial scholarships to those deserving individuals who would like to join the retreat but are in need of financial assistance. Your investment would then be 720 €. If you would like to apply for a partial scholarship, please click here for the application form, which must be filled out fully to be considered.

    - The retreat is held in English but we have a multilingual team that can help you: Finnish, German, Danish, Swedish, Czech, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
    - Please bring comfortable clothing, swimwear and a good jacket.
    - Please bring a notebook and a pen for journaling and notes.
    - Please bring an USB stick with your three favourite songs.

    Earlier Event: July 18