The Acoustic Body — sound, somatics and health symposium of For the Sake of Being(s) on 5th to 7th of April 2019 at the Centro Cultural Raiano in Idanha-a-Nova, a UNESCO Creative City of Music in Portugal. The theme of the symposium is the synergy between art, technology and wellbeing within the sonic world.

The programme includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, paper presentations, experiential sessions/workshops, art exhibition and concerts.

The Acoustic Body is inherently trans- and anti-disciplinary. It has been collecting together diverse elements from the practices and perspectives of acoustic ecology, neuromusicology, somatics and cultural studies. A particular focus has been given to the technological paradigm shift in the audio field brought about by the current breakthrough of immersive listening technology.

Therefore, the symposium seeks to foster multidisciplinary discussion on the issues of the therapeutical and educational potential of sound and somatics, both as a research concept and as a practical tool, and promote collaborations among experts in the complementary fields of art, technology and health/wellbeing & other related and applied approaches, who might not otherwise have an opportunity to work together.

The Acoustic Body Symposium is the ideal place to test new ideas and to experiment with new formats. We welcome suggestions for special workshops streams and innovative ideas. We aim to create an environment that is welcoming and friendly, yet succeeds in challenging the existing knowledge base and assumptions, and hence drives the debate around the use of sound and somatics in the therapeutic field forward.

Call for presentations: DEADLINE is January 20th, 2019

Participation fee: 100 € (70 € students/concession)

Accommodation: See accommodation options here.

We welcome presentations from all interested persons including academics, professional staff, activists, students, industry, and others. This can include updates on projects, policies and practices; theoretical and/or applied research; creative and/or artistic explorations, creative artefacts, interactive Q&A, experiential sessions/workshops, or short screenings with discussion that can be situated thematically within the list of suggested topics.

Paper presentations are 20 minutes long. The time length for all the other formats can be suggested and discussed according to what is intended to be presented.

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