Wellbeing from Nature Sound Immersion

Listening music and nature sounds regularly can be used as part of a larger stress reduction plan, or be utilised whenever you feel the urge to unwind and let go of stress and worries. No one can succeed at work or in life if is tired, stressed or unhealthy. 

When we’re at our best personally,
we’re at our best professionally.
  • By blending nature sounds and music layering with immersive sound recording technology, our audio content delivers frequency patterns that support profound states of relaxation.

  • Sound can affect all the major and minor rhythms of our bodies either through entrainment or deep reflex responses.

  • Train the resilience of your nervous system and help your brain reach alpha and delta waves with Sound Journeys that calm your body and reduce anxiety.


Tested and perfected through time

Both qualitative and quantitative studies showed that these sounds reduce stress and increase wellbeing. Over 1000 self-reports indicate that the sound journeys allow for more room to process memories and emotions than during concentrated meditation, leaving the listener with a sensation of deep rest and recuperation. This type of non-directive meditation has been proved to be very valuable for our cognitive function and growth. See recent study here.

Listen an excerpt from nature sounds of LAKE SAIMAA, FINLAND

We recommend using headphones and taking a moment for this 6 minute demo. Close your eyes and see how much can you allow yourself to relax with this short moment. 


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Delivering Immersive Sound with style

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