Acoustic Body® Retreat

Deep listening, body awareness, nature connection and self-expression

Are you longing for things to change or evolve, but don’t have the energy necessary to feel into what you really need or like? 

Do you want to learn skills and tools that personally support your uniqueness and at the same time transforms your relationship with others and the work you do?

Then this can be a week for YOU… away from the demands of everyday life, and in a safe and supportive environment, helps you to reconnect with your inner truth and intuition and embrace your uniqueness.  

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This is a 7-day experiential learning retreat. It’s a hands-on experience to restore balance back into your life, let your creative juices flow and learn about new research in the fields of somatics and neuroscience. At the end of the retreat you’ll have more clarity about where you are and where you want to go, what you need and be more connected—to your body, to your mind and to the environment.

Tune your Acoustic Body into the essence of who you truly are!
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You’ll learn easy strategies for:

  • Reducing the overall stress response of your body, which automatically turns on the body's self-healing and relaxation response. 

  • Helping the body digest and integrate unprocessed experiences, resulting in diminishment or resolution of symptoms.

  • Recovering the connection to your natural source of guidance and by doing so improve the crucial skill of decision-making

  • Accessing a door entry into the subconscious and work with what has been hidden, which can assist you in reaching your whole potential.

We will take many of our practices outdoors as a way of cultivating an embodied, sensory awareness that supports insight and growth as well as profound connection with the natural world. This deepening of awareness opens us to profound experiences of interconnectedness and wholeness.

Experience the benefits of deep meditative states
and tap into the wisdom of your body

We hold space for you:


Catarina Brazão

Catarina’s path is guided by her profound commitment to change and growth, a quality she uses also when working with others. She draws upon years of study and practice in mental health, transpersonal psychology, gender studies and somatic work. Her work offers a space for true lasting transformation where everyone feels safe, respected and seen.

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Markus Pesonen

is a composer, musician, multimedia artist creating sonic experiences, investigating the impact of sound in people and the environment as well as teaching from his discoveries. Collaboration with health and social care professionals has led Markus to develop Sound Journeys that use his field recordings from nature together with original music to create immersive soundscapes with educational and therapeutical benefits.

Welcome to Olo Centre

a place to rest, digest and rediscover what is important in life


The course takes place in Olo Centre, only 5 minutes away from the Kolovesi Nature park which is part of the fourth largest European freshwater lake district Saimaa. See more about Olo and how to arrive.


(Prices in euros)

Hold your place 100

Including accommodation (shared room) & meals.

Single room total cost 1.278
Tent or camper total cost 765

For questions: Contact us.

Your round trip to and from Olo Centre is NOT INCLUDED.

• Daily group Experiential Learning sessions with Catarina and Markus
• Restorative Morning Movement sessions with Catarina
• Nature excursions to Kolovesi Nature Park and other sites
• Seven nights' accommodation in rooms with 2-3 natural beds
• Lovingly prepared meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) made with mostly homegrown organic and wild ingredients *
• Acoustic Body kit: special blindfold and glass water bottle
• Free time to relax and contemplate in Olo centre facilities and the surrounding nature
• Pick up from and drop off to the airport or bus station

And because we care, you also get:
• Post-Retreat Group Call – we’ll gather to help integrate your learnings once back at home!

* For special dietary requests, please write to

The Retreat Syllabus

  • Self-care — foundational work of understanding our psychosomatic needs and attending them.

  • Attention — learning about the brain’s default mode network and understanding attention as a gateway to the rest of the cognitive processes associated with the human mind (decision-making, memory, emotion, etc).

  • Interconnectedness & connection — experiential understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and beings, and the importance of cultivating conscious connections.

  • Silence — self-contemplation of silence.

  • Wholeness — claiming back and integrating lost or unknown parts of the Self.

  • Self-expression — trusting and daring to be authentic.

  • Limits & boundaries — respecting, accepting and honouring life’s limitations and boundaries. 

Optional activities:
Swimming | Herbal bath | Horse riding in the woods | Trekking paths | Kayak & boat | Campfire | Traditional wood fired Sauna


I really enjoyed the seminar with Catarina and Markus. The sound journeys are quite an extraordinary experience and the concept of the seminar is really convincing. I can recommend it!
— Peter, CEO
I’ve just been to my second Embodied Listening retreat and was tremendous! The impulse I took away from the first retreat was to immerse myself in the sound and stop analysing, and just being there. I think that’s what compelled me to go to the second one as well, to explore what’s beyond many things that cannot be grasped with the mind. You have to feel them. And that happen through sound and through the exercises we did, through having enough time and freedom to process them and feel what they opened in you.
— Christian, visual artist
It was really important to come back from the sky, and from being lost in the rules of the mind. Back into the body, back into the nervous system to really rethink of what it is to be myself, to be me, to be here. And that was really an important transformation for me.
— Veera, student


For professional interest

This 7-day retreat can be taken as a stand-alone course for those who would like to go deeper into their inner being but it also is the Module I of the Acoustic Body Practitioner Training. This retreat does not qualify you to practice the Acoustic Body approach yet as a certified practitioner, but it is the first step towards achieving the certification.

If you would like to move on to the second module of the Acoustic Body Practitioner Training after completing the Acoustic Body Experience retreat, you must complete and send to the co-directors of the training the following within 3 months after the retreat:

  • Written, recorded or video tapped report of your experience of the Acoustic Body Experience retreat in great detail.

  • Documented practice sessions of 3 given assignments.

  • Written, recorded or video tapped report of your vision on how, where and with whom would you like to use the Acoustic Body approach.

The Module I certificate with the additional tasks and support costs 270€ on top of the retreat cost. It includes a 1 hour private video call to discuss the assignments, feedback and answer any questions. In this way the practitioner can best integrate the Module I and start preparing for the consequent Modules II and III.



We’re Catarina Brazão & Markus Pesonen, founders of For the Sake of Being(s) and the Acoustic Body® approach, and are happy to welcome you into this 1-week experience at Olo Centre.

Have a question about the retreat?

Write your question here or ask for a call back. We would love to talk with you!

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Acoustic Body RETREAT

Monday, August 19, 2019 14:00
Monday, August 26, 2019 11:00

Olo Retreat Centre Päivärinteentie 10 58180 Finland (map)

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