“The end result of the visionary approach of Pesonen’ skillful arrangements is curious and shows a rich musical kaleidoscope which ripples down to small ingenious details.”
— Hannu Lahtonen, Business Magazine (FI)

“Like Hendrix on an intergalactic excursion. And it’s beautiful! And poetry unfolds in a curious way in the moments of dissonant peace. (...) a strong statement.”
— Allan Sommer, Jazz Special (DK) 

“The intensity of musical experiences that the Finnish guitarist, Markus Pesonen — undoubtedly a visionary and an extraordinary composer — puts on the songs as a result of his unlimited imagination is incredible. His songs carry energy and passion, but also show a sense of melody, lyricism and sensitivity.” — Multikulti (PL)

With time after time surprising resourcefulness of his way to prepare and produce tones, small melodies and sounds on his electric guitar using various objects and effects. And never falling short of them."  — Christian Munch-Hansen, Politiken (DK)


Markus Pesonen - guitars, electronics and water

The Wateristic music is thematically connected to water and its multifaceted characteristics and symbolism. It is a cinematic sound journey – a story without words meant to be inspirational and to touch the body, mind and emotions of the listener. Its songs invite the listener for an inward journey and to dive deep into the abyss of his/her own subconscious. The music is connected to Markus’ water photography that is raising awareness about the aliveness of water.

Markus Pesonen concentrates fully on the possibilities of the guitar and electronics. Sounds of electric and acoustic guitars are processed through computer, creating a world of possibilities in texture and rhythm. Markus also uses various different playing techniques, tools and preparations to extend the acoustic palette of the instruments. By bringing a synthesis of acoustic and electronic sounds, the Waterisic music grafts a three dimensional sonic space that has depth and movement. 


Markus Pesonen is a Finnish composer, guitarist and multimedia artist, investigating the impact of sound and image on people and the environment. “My work continues to be inspired by nature and the nature of reality.” He composes and creates with several music groups ranging from solo guitar with live electronics to his 11-piece ensemble Markus Pesonen Hendectet and is also working with dance, theatre, performance and film.

Markus has performed in Europe, Americas and Asia in festivals and venues like Proms - Royal Albert Hall, Gateshead International Jazz Festival, Spectrum (NYC), Sous Les pommiers and Banlieues Bleues, Savoy Teatteri and WeJazz Festival (Helsinki), Jazzkaar (Tallin), Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene (Oslo), Copenhagen Jazz Festival, New Directions Festival (Luleå), Jazz Festival Willisau (Willisau), Taipei Arts Festival (Taipei), El Historial (Mexico City) and Exploratorium, Radial System as well as Schaubühne (Berlin).

He performes and records with international artists like: Django Bates, Palle Mikkelborg, Tomomi Adachi, Herb Robertson, John Tchicai, Phil Minton, Elliot Sharp, Andrea Parkins, Tyshawn Sorey, Axel Dörner, Johannes Bauer, Tony Buck, Frank Gratkowski, Lotte Anker, Carsten Dahl, Norbotten Big Band and UMO.