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  • Olo Retreat Centre Päivärinteentie 10 58180 Finland (map)
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  • The Embodied Artist programme is open to all types of artists including, but not limited to, painters, dancers, ceramicists, designers, film makers, printmakers, sculptors, writers, musicians, digital and mixed media artists. You name it.


  • The creators of For the Sake of Being(s) Catarina Brazão and Markus Pesonen, offer a 10-day retreat programme so that you can relearn how much “art and being an artist” means to you, shine a light on limiting patterns that may be unconsciously holding you and your creative projects back and finally, but not less important, de-stress, refresh and connect in the spirit of playfulness with other artists from other artistic fields.


  • Art is a form of communication and functions within society, within cultural boundaries. It’s a communication that requires a common language between the artist, the grant review specialists and the audience. Therefore compromising is almost inevitable. Since our founding, we’ve offered several different types of workshops, retreats and events, including self-development retreats, deep experiential programmes, and more. These events attract people from all walks of life. But we have found that some of our visitors that seem to best enjoy their experience are artists. This is because artists, perhaps more than any other group, benefit the most from reconnecting back with both nature and themselves.

An opportunity for artists at any stage of their career to learn an experiential, body-oriented process of self-awareness and collective innovation that they can bring into their daily life and work with art. A programme where creative identity processes break-down, reform, and mature by transcending old behaviour patterns, realising new possibilities, and enabling transformation and innovation.


Here’s what you can expect:

- Instead of just considering your art career, the Embodied Artist programme addresses also the person that you are as a whole, a unity of body-soul-mind-spirit. 

- It explores the central role of the body in the making and experiencing art, so you can have a more satisfying and empowered relationship with your artistic expression.

- It suggests an interconnectedness and interdependency between your body, culture, art, and nature itself. It will help you build a bridge between your bodily experiences, your creative intelligence, and your psyche, giving you the opportunity to expand your approach to art and your artist self.

- It supports inner listening and authentic expression through a multifaceted process — from mindfulness and somatic practices to activities that increase awareness, focus, and vitality, laying down the foundation for you to keep updating and integrating the ever-evolving artist you are meant to be.

- It is about creating an environment where embodied and communal learning takes place while honouring the uniqueness of each individual creative process. Artists get inspired and widen their perspectives when learning together with peers from different art fields.


The first step is to slow down and go deeper in

The rush and stress of the daily life are collective phenomena that push us all to press the autopilot button. The Embodied Artist retreat offers you time off for rejuvenation, reconnection and reorientation. It will help you realign yourself with your inner compass, your unique purpose and its expression.

To be fully embodied means to be at one with who we are, in every respect, including our physical being, our emotions (...). It is to be entirely present to who we are and to the journey of our own becoming. It is to inhabit, completely, our relative reality, with no speck of ourselves left over, no external observer waiting for something else or something better.
— Reginald A. Ray


Can the Embodied Artist retreat help you?

Maybe somewhere along the line, you got out of touch with yourself… doing what other people or grant wanted instead of checking-in with yourself if it was something that was worthy of your energy… and now it is hard to tell what you actually want to do… including what you want to do with the rest of your life. 

You feel blocked. You can do anything except what you most need to do. When you put some task Number One on your priority list, you find yourself doing anything else but that. You are so far behind on the important things that you feel like you will never dig out.

Your life seems to be going very well externally, but deep down you feel unworthy like you are faking it somehow. People seem to look up to you, even depend on you, but you keep thinking, if only they knew! And then you feel like you have to work even harder, to hide that.

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What is the Embodied Artist, anyway?

It is an experiential somatic learning programme for artists of every level of experience. In other words, the synthesis of a diverse range of mindful and somatic practices that together with the artists who come to engage with them, create the potential for a rich experience of creative diversity.

It is based on the understanding that the body knows what is better for us and can show us our unique path. Our bodies carry knowledge about how we are living our lives, about what we need to be more fully ourselves, about what we value and believe, about what has hurt us emotionally and how to heal it. Our bodies know which people around us bring out the best in us, and which do not. Our bodies know the right next step to bring us to more fulfilling and rewarding lives.


Who is an Embodied Artist?

Becoming an Embodied Artist means that you own your wholeness and live out your deepest artistic identity while keeping on developing your individual and collective artistic capacities. 

This new programme aims to spark artists in the direction of shaping a new global movement—one that bridges the major ecological, social, and spiritual divides of our time. Embodied Artists are therefore special agents in the cultural transformation of societies towards innovation, solidarity and sustainable growth.


Through imagination, we can visit the past, contemplate the present, and anticipate the future. We can also do something else of profound and unique significance. We can create.



  • We visit different nature locations where the landscape supports the topic of the day.
  • We use imaginary, creative, physical and reflective activities.
  • We do solo, pairs and group work focusing on the Self, Artist and Art.
  • The practices for embodiment are breathing, sounding and moving to strengthen the process of authentic self-expression.
  • We discuss the state of art and the challenges of being an artist.
  • We cover topics like: talent; expression, embodiment & authenticity; validation & audience; grants; emotional capitalism; spontaneity & mastering; ecosystems, interconnectedness & words disruption.


  • Experiential somatic learning retreat for self-growth 
  • Accommodation in 1-3 beds’ rooms with 100% natural mattresses 
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner made mostly with homegrown organic and wild ingredients (for special dietary requests, please write to
  • Free time to relax, contemplate and socialise.  

It's possible to extend your creative process with an artist residency for any number of days between October 4th and November 30th. We write letters to support funding applications!



VERY EARLY BIRD PRICE: 540 € (payment before 31.12.2018)
EARLY BIRD PRICE: 720 € (payment before 23.6.2019)

ACCOMMODATION with full board starting at 495 € (10 nights)


*We also accept work exchange and are looking for people with writing skills, marketing experience or with a passion for networking. Fill in the work exchange form here.

Earlier Event: August 19