Dear Family & Friends,

We have acquired an old school building in Enonkoski, Finland to bring the For the Sake of Being(s) vision and mission to the next level. Our intention is to transform this beautiful place into a centre of art, education and healing for grounding and rooting the For the Sake of Being(s) values. Activities will include For the Sake of Being(s) retreats, art events, permaculture & wild food, wilderness & traditional skills courses, tribe gatherings and much more.

For those of you not familiar, For the Sake of Being(s) is an answer to the eco-social and spiritual challenges we are facing in today’s world. We offer workshops and programs to widen perspectives and awaken the best in the human spirit. We stand for the wholeness of the Self, for abundant Societies and thriving Nature; and in that space, create meaningful events and powerful campaigns to call people's attention to the interconnectedness of all life.

This is a call for the tribe — people of like-minds and spirits that can no longer afford to be in denial about what’s happening in the world. Now it’s time for us to create new possibilities through collaboration. Our main goal is to forge a vision of the future that truly works for all. And that’s why we’re so excited about acquiring this remote place surrounded by beautiful nature.

The house is on a beautiful spot with a tennis/iceskating ring that is taken care by the municipality. There is a quiet private road with only one neighbour with horses we can ride. We made this video to show you the space.


In the middle of beautiful nature

Enonkoski is located about 32 kilometres away from Savonlinna airport, Eastern part of Finland. The Kolovesi National Park is just 8 minutes away from the house by car. We have met already the mayor and some locals, and the welcoming has been overwhelmingly positive! People here are still keeping some of the old traditions alive in terms of cooking, knitting, farming, housing, and their respect for nature is just heart warming! There are plenty of outdoor activities as well as wildlife and the endangered Saimaa ringed-seal around.

Please watch this video to get a picture of the landscape and wildlife in different seasons: 


And why are you receiving this email now?

Because we trust you and wish to invite you to become part of this new endeavour with us in some way. We definitely need your support! In reality without it, nothing of this makes sense. We already have business plans, activity plans and a few other things too, and the best scenario so far is to follow a patient plan that extends throughout several years without hurrying or unnecessary pressures.

We've been thinking of a model that would support both the financial aspects of the house and the project as well as what’s needed for tribe/community development. One idea is to simply donate, another is a kind of a private kickstart model where the exchange comes in the form of accommodation and the use of the big halls of the house. There’s other kinds of support needed too but at this stage the financial support is the most urgent. 

Initially, not the whole house will be in public use but will be rather a communal house to be used by us, our team and you, our trusted friends. Maybe you wish to have some time off out in nature, or to be in a quiet environment to develop your creative project or research, or also take part of our workshops and activities


Here are some examples of exchange we can do:

- Accommodation for holidays or work in your own project. This means that you’ll have at least a bed, but most likely a room of your own. You can also use the kitchen, sauna and project spaces. You can also use our car or we can move you around. If this is something that interests you, please contact us directly to arrange the dates.

- You can register for an Acoustic Body retreat, an Experiential Anatomy retreat or workshop, or also a Somatic Sound Immersion workshop and other events. More events and dates also for 2019 coming soon.

- You can purchase sessions with Catarina, or with Catarina & Markus, or with Andre. Please follow these links to see our offers: 

- You can buy framed photographs from “The Depth of Water” exhibition. There are various sizes and frames. Please see the pictures here and let us know which one(s) you like. Interior design mockups here.

- You can also donate for building the Greenhouse. This is the first project we want to start with, as soon as the weather allows. Our goal is to grow our own organic greens and herbs, forage in the forest around and promote health and wellbeing through the food we cook for our guests.   


If you require additional information please contact us and we’re glad to provide it. Here is also our phone numbers: 

Catarina (DE) +49 176 3050 8949; (PT) +351 960 227 707
Markus (DE) +49 1578 6565 296
Andre (CH) +41 43 321 94 23

We look forward to your feedback and whatever support you can provide. 

Thank you for your time, consideration and generosity!


In a spirit of adventure,
Catarina, Markus, Andre & the For the Sake of Being(s) tribe