We Are All Water Babies

"Moments before we come into this world, the water of our mother’s womb gushes out, and we follow behind. That is why the Hopi call water our first foundation of life."
— Grandmother Mona Polacca

Bodies of Water workshop

A journey into the inner being

Since our planet and our bodies are made up primarily of water, this is the common denominator that weaves us all together as one. The Bodies of Water workshop is an experiential learning workshop that invites for a journey of introspection, reflection, and embodiment of who we are at the moment, resulting in a condensation of inner knowledge about the depth of the waters of our being(s). It also helps the participants understand the interconnectedness and interdependence of their waters with the waters of their babies and all the parents before them. 


In this workshop you will:

       ✓ Explore the multidimensional reality of water and birth on an emotional, relational, spiritual and physical level. 
       ✓ Strengthen the trust in yourself and the baby by committing to be present in your body during pregnancy and birth.
       ✓ Confront your beliefs and fears about birth by sharing them with others. Transform, release or accept them. 
       ✓ Have the opportunity to review and rewrite your own birth story and your family's birth story.


The Bodies of  Water workshop is for pregnant women and their partners, families planning to have a child, doulas, midwifes and nurses, and all people involved in the process of giving birth. The workshop doesn't replace the medical preparation for birth but works as an additional support for the process.


“We are all bodies of water, guarding the mystery of our depth”
― Deborah Smith, Alice at Hearth